What is Style Theory On Demand?
Style Theory On Demand is a rental service that let you rent one item at a time from hundreds of designer pieces with affordable rental fee.

How long can I rent the Style Theory On Demand item?
You have the option to keep the item for 4, 8 or 14 days.

What is the difference between On Demand and Subscription Plan?
Our Subscription Plan is a monthly rental service which allows you to get access to rent our Premium or Lite wardrobe. It comes with three options for you to rent our items per month; 1 box (3 items), 2 box (6 items), Unlimited (more than 12 items).
Meanwhile, On Demand Plan lets you rent one item at a time, a perfect wardrobe to choose for your special occasions and events.

Is it possible to rent from On Demand Plan while I'm subscribing to an Subscription Plan?
Sure, you can rent from On Demand Plan while subscribing to Subscription Plan. As a subscriber, you will get a subscriber-only special price for On Demand Plan.

How to access On Demand portal on the app?
You can click on the On Demand banner on your app homepage and you will be redirected to the On Demand portal.

Can I order more than one item at a time with On Demand Plan?
Yes, you can order multiple items for one rental period.

Can I order another item before my rental period is over?
Yes, you can make another order even before the rental period of your previous order is over.

Can I book the item in advance?
Yes, the item is available for booking up until the end of following month.

When should I make a reservation for an item?
We recommend you to make a reservation immediately whenever the item is available. Always keep an eye on your desired item.

How does the order schedule works?
The first day of your rental period is the day you receive the item. And on the last day of your rental period, you will need to return the item.

Where can Style Theory On Demand deliver?
For now we can only deliver to the Jabodetabek area. If you are still keen to deliver outside the Jabodetabek area, please feel free to reach out to us.

Do I have to pay for shipping?
Yes, you need to pay for delivery fee while we cover the return fee for you. Worry not, we will conduct various promotions on delivery fee.

How to find out when my order will arrive?
You can check your delivery date and time slot on My Order section

Can I try the item before I place the order?
You may contact us for more details on fitting appointments.

Can I buy the item I rented?
Unfortunately, for now you can't buy the item. Worry not, you can always rent it whenever you miss them.

Can I cancel my order?
Yes, you can cancel your order up to two days before the delivery day. However, there will be a cancellation fee of 30% of your rental fee.

Do I have to pay for laundry?
No, we cover the laundry fee for you.

What will happen if I don't return the items on time?
You will be charged with late fee if you don't return the item on time. Your late fee is 50% of your actual rental fee per day, so make sure to return your item on time.